Atlante Photo Expo is our new platform to share powerful stories and photo reportages with our audience around the world. In this virtual and free exposition space, we collect and curate reportages shared by photojournalists from every part of the world. With texts in Italian and English accompanying every picture and every collection, the viewer can immerse themself in the narrative and explore worlds far from their own.  

The idea is that of a virtual museum that everyone can access online, in order to step into these travellers’ stories. Not only war reportages: this space hosts stories of lives lived thousands of kilometers from us, poetry in the daily, the magic of the unknown that unfolds in front of the reporter’s lens and thanks to their pen. 

So far, Atlante Photo Expo shares with its viewers three permanent expositions: WaRS 2019, presenting the winners and finalists of our photojournalism contest on War and Revolutionary Stories; the unequal pandemic, a journey into the epicentre of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Bergamo, Northern Italy; and finally, “Women of Extreme Lands”; a work by Caterina Borgato and sponsored by Montura: a reportage that shows us resilient, strong and brave women living in the most inhospitable parts of our planet. 

Welcome, and enjoy your journey in these stories.