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The Atlas of Wars and Conflicts in the World, originally “Atlante delle Guerre e dei Conflitti del Mondo” is an Italian independent editorial project, born in 2009 and dedicated to creating an Atlas mapping injustices, wars and situations of conflict across the world. The yearly publication collects analyses from experts, journalists, and photo reporters, as well as contributions from the most relevant Non Governmental Organizations in the field. Its goal is as simple as it is radical: explaining the causes of today’s conflicts and narrating them from the only point of view that matters: that of the victims. 

The “Atlante delle Guerre” project is created and managed by the Italian “Associazione 46° Parallelo”, a non-for-profit association funded with divulgative and humanitarian purposes by Italian journalist Raffaele Crocco with a group of like-minded war reporters, travellers and researchers. 

Through a fruitful cooperation with the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, the organization was able to expand into the international scene: after 12 years occupying a central role in the Italian pacifist scene, creating networks with civilian and institutional actors for the divulgation of a data-based pacifist culture, the project has launched its English branch in 2021 and is planning to publish the book “Atlas of Wars and Conflicts in the World” in early 2022. 

The volume, with data updated in September 2021, is an Atlas of the Planet’s current situation, with “conflict files” for each war and situation of crisis, as well as in-depth analyses on cross-border phenomena written by experts and relevant NGOs. You can buy your copy:


Are you a Non-Governmental Organization, a civil society association or a journalist working on the causes of war or on narrating conflicts? Reach out to us: we are always open to new collaborations!


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This project was made possible through a collaboration with the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation. This website covers activities implemented with the financial assistance of the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation. The views expressed herein do not, in any way, reflect the official opinion of the Foundation.


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