The new Zoom event hosted by Atlas of Wars is entitled “Women on the frontline: the importance of female voices in war reporting and freedom of expression, print and digital.”

This third “World Atlas of Human Rights” event will highlight the crucial role of women journalists and human rights defenders in challenging environments, including wars, civil wars, apartheid, male-dominated spaces and leadership in the media.

Date and time: 08 March 2024, 5 pm (UTC)
Language: English
– Htaike Htaike (lead curator of the Myanmar Internet Project, documenting the junta’s digital rights violations and people’s resistance and executive director of Myanmar ICT for Development Organization, focusing on internet freedom and digital rights advocacy)
– Chiara Cruciati (deputy chief editor of the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto and reporter in conflict zones)
Moderator: Anna Violante (Atlas of Wars)
Zoom link: