This First International Roundtable entitled “Confronting Global Conflicts and the Rule of Law”, hosted by the Centre for the Study of the United Nations at the O.P. Jindal Global University School of Law (New Delhi, India), promises to be a watershed event in the field of international law. This meticulously planned roundtable will bring together eminent experts from various corners of the globe, including world-renowned international legal scholars, seasoned practitioners and influential policymakers, to analyse and discuss the daunting challenges and complex dynamics of global conflicts, with a focus on the ongoing situations in Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas.

Divided into a number of focused panels, the Roundtable will explore key aspects of international law, its enforcement and its critical role in conflict resolution. Participants will engage in robust discussions on geopolitical studies, the intricacies of legal intervention and the humanitarian implications associated with these conflicts. A central theme of the roundtable will be the exploration of the crime of aggression – discussing its definitions, the challenges of prosecution and the effectiveness of international courts in dealing with such serious allegations.

Beyond academic exploration, this Roundtable aims to be a catalyst for a proactive and meaningful exchange of ideas, encouraging the formulation of practical solutions that uphold justice and human rights in these turbulent regions. It is an urgent call to the global community to strengthen the rule of law and ensure strict accountability for violations of international norms.

The event’s hybrid format ensures broad participation, inviting both physical attendance at the scenic O.P. Jindal Global University campus and global virtual engagement. This inclusive set-up is designed to maximise impact and participation, attracting an expected audience of distinguished guests including legal experts, diplomats, academics and students from around the world.

Journalists, scholars, policymakers and all those interested in international law and global governance are invited to participate in this important discussion. This Roundtable is not just an event, but a platform for critical dialogue and a springboard for the development of coherent strategies to address and ameliorate the pressing international legal challenges of our time.

FRIDAY, 3 MAY 2024
12:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST
Password: JGU