by Sofia Silei

In Mali, many associations promote development, but often many of them lack visibility and, above all, find it difficult to become part of a web network. The goal of PADEV-Mali is precisely this: to offer a portal for all the various organizations that promote development in Mali. Most of the associations in Mali, despite playing a fundamental role in the community, lack visibility, but here they can showcase their activities.

PADEV-Mali exists in the form of a French association, where each registered Malian association and NGO has a page that presents its activities and indicates its contacts in detail. The activity of PADEV-Mali is apolitical and non-denominational, and the searches and registrations in the directory are free.

But what are the main objectives of the directory?
– Firstly, ensuring the visibility of associations on the web
– Identifying associations and exchanging experiences with those whose projects seem interesting to you
– Easy access to information on, or intended for, the Malian associative sector
– Finally, facilitating the search for technical and financial partners

As for the main actions, these refer to the creation of the directory of associations and NGOs and an information centre for the associative fabric of Mali. In addition, PADEV-Mali provides useful links and animates an information page for and about the associative fabric several publications per week.

They offer a network of focal points which are information relays in the regions. These Relays/Focal Points are run by individuals or partner associations. To do this, they are calling on individuals or associations who would like to participate in the establishment of this network. A collaboration with the Greencom association has developed since the creation of the site: Greencom is today our partner in Mali.

Thus, PADEV-Mali has two different types of partners. The first are located in Mali and refer precisely to the Greencom association that works for sustainable development and environmental protection in Mali and Africa. Abroad, however, Assomaliennes is the website that includes the Malian associations existing outside Mali, as in France, the Usa, and Algeria.

A last interesting aspect of PADEV-Mali concerns the research of the various associations on the site. To facilitate the search, these can be found either through the field of activity, as the development activities carried out by the associations are very different, or through the keyword search. According to this second method, research can be conducted by:
– the acronym
– the name or part of the name
– a single keyword
– two keywords
– by entering part of the text

Therefore, the PADEV-Mali initiative is very important both for the search for partners and for the community itself. PADEV-Mali updates the community mainly through Facebook, where it presents some of the initiatives promoted by the associations of Mali.

On the cover photo, world map of Africa with close up focus in Mali and the capital city Tombucatou ©Libin Jose/