by Sofia Silei

The Fundación Solidaridad y Compromiso is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping families affected by violence in Colombia. The Foundation provides professional services and works primarily in the Bello Oriente neighbourhood of Medellín and surrounding areas. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations through a series of support programmes and initiatives.

The Foundation’s main objectives are to manage resources efficiently to ensure the successful implementation of its programmes, to raise awareness and promote its programmes within Medellín and nationally and internationally, and to improve the overall living conditions, mental health, income stability and access to basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter of the vulnerable communities it serves.

One of the key support programmes is the Nutrition Programme, which aims to provide nutritional support to older adults and children in the Bello Oriente neighbourhood. This programme benefits 35 elderly adults and 80 children and provides lunch from Monday to Friday. The Foundation has set up a well-equipped dining room to serve the meals and hopes to expand this service to reach more people affected by social and political violence. The programme is made possible through the support of donors, ensuring better opportunities and quality of life for the less fortunate.

Another important initiative is the Families Friends for Life programme, which focuses on improving the living conditions and providing vocational training for women who are heads of households. The Housing Programme, in partnership with the Building a Future Foundation, aims to build and improve homes for families living in precarious conditions. Since 2012, more than 60 houses have been delivered, significantly improving the living standards of many families. In addition, the Beauty Programme provides vocational training in beauty services, including manicure, pedicure and hairdressing. This programme empowers women to start their own businesses and generate income, with successful training sessions since 2014.

The Foundation also places a strong emphasis on psychosocial development. Its programmes aim to support the holistic development of young people through artistic and educational activities. The music programme for children aged 8-12 focuses on relaxation techniques, listening skills and participation in cultural activities, mainly using flutes and percussion instruments. This programme enhances the children’s musical skills and provides cultural enrichment. The Ludoteka provides a space for children to strengthen their academic skills, reading and writing, supported by volunteers and interns. This service provides a safe environment for the children while their mothers attend classes, promoting better educational outcomes.

In conclusion, the Fundación Solidaridad y Compromiso is a source of hope for many families in Medellín. Through a comprehensive range of programmes aimed at improving living conditions, providing vocational training and supporting psychosocial development. The organisation continues to make significant strides in transforming lives and fostering a more hopeful future for those affected by violence and poverty. The Foundation’s work is supported by community involvement and the generous support of donors, enabling it to continue its mission of bringing hope and better opportunities to the most vulnerable.

On the cover photo, a photo of the foundation’s activities ©Fundación Solidaridad y Compromiso