Today, we find ourselves facing an extraordinary and crucial situation that requires our immediate intervention. The international press is addressing Israel with an urgent request: to allow access to Gaza in order to cover a war of vital importance for our countries and our future. This is not just a request for us journalists, but an appeal to defend the fundamental principles that underpin every free and democratic society.

Freedom of speech, the importance of journalistic coverage during times of war, and the right to inform and be informed are the pillars upon which our society is built. These principles know no national boundaries, races, or religions. They are universal and represent the very soul of our civilization.

We uphold the fundamental right of journalists to work in safety within Gaza, where many of our colleagues have tragically lost their lives while striving to bring news to the world.

The ongoing war in Gaza is a matter that involves not only Israel and the region but also the fate of all of us, wherever we are. It is a war that influences our future, shaping the world in which the next generations will grow. Yet, we find ourselves in a position where we are compelled not to be able to tell this crucial story. This is not only an injustice to journalists but an injustice to every citizen of the world.

Freedom of expression is a sacred right that protects democracy, justice, and truth. The right to cover a war is a responsibility we owe to history and future generations. Without it, our ability to understand, evaluate, and engage in the critical debates that shape our future would be severely compromised.

We ask Israel to allow international press access to Gaza, to enable us to fulfill our duty to inform and to ensure that the world has a comprehensive and accurate view of what is happening. This request is not only in our interest but in the interest of all those who believe in the values of democracy, truth, and justice.

We ask Israel to allow journalistic coverage of this vital war. Our freedom and our future depend on it.




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Jerusalem, France
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Marie Normand, journalist, RFI , France
Salomé ParentRashdi, former correspondent in Jerusalem, France
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Grégory Philipps, BFMTV journalist, former Radio France correspondent in
Jerusalem, France
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Mayssaloun Nassar, Deputy editor in chief, France 24, France
Fatima Ezzahra Abkari, Journalist, France 24, France
Delphine Minoui, Journalist, Le Figaro, France
Marco Cesario, reporter, MicroMega, France
Marius Rivière, Journalist, Independant, France



On the cover photo, Caucasian female war journalist wearing protective helmet and bulletproof vest gear taking photos during military operation ©